Pet Transportation in Abu dhabi

Pet Transportation

At Asian Cargo, we understand that pets are a part of the family and that their transportation requires special attention and care. That’s why we offer reliable and safe pet transportation services in Abu Dhabi.


Asian Cargo – Professional Pet Relocating Services in the UAE

Pets are like family; they sit with us, eat with us, and comfort us in our times of need. Thus, when a family or individual moves from city to city or country to country, it is only fair for the pet to tag along. And with the help of reliable and trusted pet relocation service providers, the task becomes effortless and smooth. 

For those who think pet relocation is a handful, we offer a simple solution. Our team will look into all the nitty-gritties to ensure your pet is transported safely and comfortably and on schedule.

We at Asian Cargo understand that each and every element from the cage, the shipping environment, and mode of transportation play a vital role in ensuring your pet feels comfortable and safe; whilst also safely making it to its end destination. Therefore, we only have the best of the best represent us, with their finessed work. We not only offer grandiose assistance but we also offer a smooth relocation process that takes the worry of transporting your pet to or from Abu Dhabi and Dubai to anywhere in the United Arab Emirates.

How Does Animal Transportation Work? 

Upon contacting us, our team will obtain all the necessary details about your pet such as the size of the pet, weight, date of shipment, vaccination obtained, overall health, and so on. Post a detailed briefing, our team will send you a quotation with no hidden costs. Upon accepting our quote, we will commence with the process. 

If required, our team will also connect with your veterinarian to go over your pet’s vaccination history and health status to ensure the health of your pet is top-notch and to ensure no further vaccinations are required. Once everything is sorted from the vet’s end, we will begin with the travel arrangement.

This part includes both selecting and booking an appropriate mode of transportation i.e. via flight, cargo, or road transportation, and at the same time ensuring your pet’s documentation(s) are all in order to avoid delays or issues at the time of transportation. Post this, our team will assign you the timeline of the travel arrangement.

Your Checklist in a nutshell

It is important for the pet owner to ensure all the required vaccinations for your pet are in order. This includes rabies vaccination, kennel cough vaccination, and in some cases deworming. The owner must also ensure all the legal documents of the pet are ready before relocation to avoid any complications. You must also have a crate ready for your pet and provide us with a few toys or accessories your pet enjoys.

We are UAEs trusted pet shipping company because we plan well in advance. We assure a smooth process with our team at a reasonable cost. Moreover, we take away all the worries of relocation. All you need to do is get in touch with us and let us take care of the rest. 

So what are you waiting for? Your search for a trusted pet relocation service provider in the UAE ends here! 




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