Top 8 Advantages of Air Freight

No matter which part of the globe you are located in, air freight remains the most convenient, affordable, and preferred mode of transportation. Not only does air freight save businesses time but it also allows the business in question to deliver its products to the end customer in a fraction of the time it would take via sea freight or land freight.

Today, with advancements in technology, better flight routes due to connectivity, and secure air systems, every business can optimize its ROI.

Air cargo services are the right solution for those who have to transport high-value items at low-value shipments.

This is why we at Asian CArgo encourage our clientele to opt for air freight solutions. We offer the best price with additional services that protect their shipments and ensure they reach on time and damage free.

Let us take a look at some of the advantages of air freight solutions

You Save Time

Air cargo services allow you to ship goods within a short time frame from one destination to another. It is the fastest shipping method available and the scheduled departure and arrival are reliable in addition to low chances of cargo theft due to high or advanced security measures.

Global Delivery of Good

If you frequently ship over long distances, the safest, most affordable, and most reliable bet will be air freight. This is because a majority of freight solution providers are connected to airlines or third parties that frequently visit international airports. Moreover, it is a more convenient method of transportation.

Low Premiums

The shipping processes that take place via air are less in comparison to land or sea transportation. Moreover, since the goods/shipments are in transit for a shorter period of time, you have to pay less insurance.

Reduced Warehouse Requirement

By availing of our air freight solutions, local warehousing won’t be a concern as you do not have to keep your items in stock. Moreover, we ensure efficient cargo handling, and customs clearance in addition to cargo inspection to make your experience more seamless with us.

Extra Security Measures

In addition to Asian Cargo’s extra security measures, we also ensure third-party airline security at the highest level. This means that the chances of theft and damage during transit are controlled. Moreover, the airport will also make sure your cargo is delivered safely.

Live Tracking

If you are worried about your cargo getting lost in transit or want to keep abreast with the status, you can opt for live tracking. With this, you and your customer can remain at ease and pick up the shipment as scheduled.

Low Costs

The best part of air freight is that you can ship your high-value goods at a reasonable price. You can include additional services at a fraction of the cost of sea freight and land freight. 

Shipment of Perishable Items

With air freight, you do not have to worry about transporting perishable items since the delivery is quick, usually on the same day. 

If you still are not convinced about air freight, you should check out the reviews left by our customers. We not only deliver your cargo globally but we also ensure that you have access to the best security measures, warehousing, and distribution services.

Frequently Asked Questions

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